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Saints Wishing for More LSU Players??

According to a tweet sent out today by Fox 8's Sean Fazende... "Loomis: we'd like to have a few more LSU players on our team, when asked about Deion Jones" The Saints are now lamenting at the lack of LSU players on their roster? Are You Kidding Me? What has stopped them?? LSU has put more players in the NFL than any other school in recent times. Now the Saints have buyers remorse? They have no one to blame but themselves. Payton & Loomis talk a good game but the fact is despite being 90 miles away from LSU and bringing the entire organization to LSU pro days. The Saints pass year after year on LSU players with the exception of journeyman Al Woods who was a bust with the Saints. Draft after draft the Saints passed on LSU & SEC players and now they are wishing they had more??.. What a joke! If the Saints would have chosen just half of their draft classes in the last 10 years from LSU or Alabama the Saints would not be considered one of the NFL's worst when it comes to draft success. Instead with the exception of 2006 and the 2015 drafts they have averaged a contribution of one player per draft on the team, that is not how you build a consistent winner in the NFL. So let me make it easy for you Payton & Loomis if a player is on the board from LSU Alabama or the SEC.. RUN to the podium with the player's name.. you surely can't do any worse than you have in the last decade.        

Last modified onSunday, 20 March 2016 19:36